Return To Thunder Mountain

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The Star of Ruskin, a magnificent sapphire necklace worth hundreds of thousands of florins, has been in the House of Vanderbough for generations. When Lord Byron presents young Lady Aldith with the valuable necklace and asks for her hand in marriage, she eagerly accepts and makes plans to run away to Karniva with him. 

But when the Star of Ruskin disappears, Aldith begins to wonder if she has made a tragic mistake. Is Lord Byron really the kind, gracious nobleman that she has taken him to be, or is he simply using her to gain favor with King Eristan? 

Seeking answers, Aldith reluctantly accepts advice from Lady Prudence and sets out on a quest for Thunder Mountain in order to learn the will of King Emmanuel.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I have read all seven books of your Terrestria series and I would have to say that few books have helped as much as these have! By the time we were in chapter 4 or 5 of the first book, I was choking on my own tears. These books showed me that I had taken my salvation for granted.
    One night as we finished our reading, my son said, “Dad, I know who the King is, and I want him to adopt me, too.” He received Jesus as the result of our reading the Terrestria books together!

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